Critical Illness Insurance


The Latest Trends for Supplementary Employee Benefits

Explore the latest trends of supplemental employee benefits. Learn more from our insightful analysis on employee benefits that enhances workplace satisfaction.

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How to Determine the Lump Sum Amount for a Critical Illness Insurance Policy

Determining the lump-sum payment amount for a critical illness insurance policy is a vital step in your insurance purchase journey. Learn more about lump-sum payments, critical illness insurance, and how to determine a lump-sum payment amount.  Read More »


Critical Illness Insurance vs Long-Term Care Insurance for Seniors

For seniors, deciding between long-term care insurance and critical illness insurance can often be a struggle. After all, how do they differ and what do they do? Read on to find out.  Read More »


Critical Illness Insurance vs Hospital Indemnity Insurance: Which Should I Buy First?

Deciding between a critical illness insurance policy and hospital indemnity insurance policy can be difficult. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes a critical illness and hospital indemnity insurance policy unique, what you can expect to see covered in each policy, and give you the tools needed to help you decide which policy you should purchase.   Read More »


Can I Buy Supplemental Health Insurance Anytime?

You may have heard about supplemental health insurance, but what exactly is it? In this blog, discover what a supplemental health insurance policy is, when you can buy one, and the different type of policies available.  Read More »


What is Supplemental Health Insurance and Who Should Buy it?

What is supplemental health insurance and how can it be of value to you? Inside, discover the ins-and-outs of supplemental health insurance. Explore different kinds of supplemental health insurance and decide if a supplemental health insurance policy is right for you.  Read More »


Can I Buy Just Critical Illness Insurance if I Am Self-Employed?

If you are self-employed, then you know the challenges and costs associated with health and life insurance. Many wonder if a specialized policy like a critical illness policy could be a smart way to get coverage at an affordable price, but you might want to read more about these policies before going that route.  Read More »


Supplemental Health Insurance in the Gig Economy

Insurance needs shouldn’t hold you back from participating in the gig economy, but if you chose to go this route, be aware of your health and supplemental health insurance options and what unique needs you may need to protect. Learn more.  Read More »


Filling the Coverage Gap: The Role of Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance was created to help bridge the gap between primary health insurance and out-of-pocket expenses, but is it right for you? Learn more about this supplemental insurance option.

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Can I Qualify for Critical Illness Insurance if I Am Over 50?

Many types of insurance policies do have a maximum age to purchase, but it depends on the insurance carrier. Learn more about qualifying for critical illness insurance today.  Read More »

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