How soon can you borrow against life insurance policy?

Looking to borrow against life insurance policy? Discover all the pros and cons of how a life insurance loan works and how to get one to fulfill an unexpected need.  Read More »


What is a Claim Provision and How Does it Work in Submitting Claims for Life Insurance?

A notice of claim provision allows beneficiaries to submit the death benefit claim efficiently. Learn more about how to file a claim, possible outcomes, and its limitations.

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How Group Benefits Help Employee Retention

Are you looking to boost employee retention through group benefits? Find out what type of benefits employers can offer to attract and retain employees.

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Should I Buy Life Insurance in My 20s?

Are your loved ones relying on your income? Discover all the options to buy life insurance in your 20s. Lock in rates for the life of the policy and start protecting your future.

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Has COVID-19 Changed Life Insurance?

Covid-19 has impacted life insurance landscape. Learn more about what changes you may need to be aware of as a policy holder and how it may affect your coverage.

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The Importance of Supplemental Group or Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental group and voluntary benefits help with paying additional medical expenses for your employees. Explore your options about the benefits Globe Life provides on employee retention including life, accident, critical illness, ICU, disability, cancer, hospital indemnity, and children’s life insurance.

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What Are All the Types of Life Insurance?

Looking for a Life Insurance Policy? Find out what are all the types of life insurance, and which one is best for you.

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5 Tips for College Graduates Purchasing Life Insurance for the First Time

Are you a recent college graduate looking to purchase life insurance for the first time? Here are five tips that will help you navigate through the process with confidence before making the decision.

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What is Supplemental Medical GAP Insurance?

With supplemental medical GAP insurance plan from an employer, employees can have a peace of mind that they are fully covered for an unexpected medical bill. Learn more about Supplemental GAP insurance and how It can benefit your employees.

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What are the Benefits Offered In a Cafeteria Plan?

Cafeteria Plans refer to the Revenue Act of 1978 that allowed pre-taxable benefits to be offered to employees. Since then, a variety of changes have been made to make more employer provided and voluntary benefits program pre-taxable. Learn more about the history, types and benefits of cafeteria plan benefits.   Read More »

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