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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance can help protect your family’s financial future as well as provide a legacy. Whether you leave your benefit to a charity, your children, or your grandchildren, a whole life insurance policy can leave the mark that will keep your name alive for years to come.

Term Life Insurance

With a variety of coverage amounts and term options, a term life insurance policy is a budget-friendly choice to help keep income flowing to your loved ones. If you outlive the policy, or the policy ends before you receive the benefit, you can simply renew the policy or apply for a new policy if you want to continue your coverage.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance can help with expenses your primary health insurance may not cover such as treatment, transportation and lodging to treatment facilities, child care expenses, or income replacement during a cancer diagnosis.

Critical Illness Insurance

Strokes, heart attacks, and other critical illnesses or dread diseases have shown great progress in treatment and recovery, but those opportunities come at a cost. Loss of income, special medical needs, and major lifestyle changes are just a few expenses that are associated with a critical illness diagnosis. Heart attack insurance, stroke insurance, and other dread disease insurance plans help pay the direct and indirect costs of critical illnesses your major medical insurance may not cover.

Hospital Intensive Care Insurance

The cost for intensive care treatment often needed during a major illness or accident can be unbearable. Instead of worrying or even sometimes rejecting intensive care medical procedures due to the high cost, ICU insurance plans can help relieve some of the financial pressure so you can focus on what matters most: healing.

Hospital Accident Insurance

Whether planned or unplanned, a hospital stay can be stressful for both the patient and family. The deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments can be confusing and often leave you paying out-of-pocket for more than you planned. Hospital insurance is designed specifically to help offset those out-of-pocket expenses when you or a family member has a hospital stay.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance comes in a variety of supplemental forms and can help cover surprise expenses associated with a covered accident. From accident lump sum payouts to supplemental accidental insurance policies that hold cash value, accident insurance can help provide you the financial safety your lifestyle needs.

$3000 Accidental Death Policy

If a family member were to die in an accident today, would you be financially able to handle the expenses, like emergency healthcare or funeral expenses? The ADP can cover the whole family. This is a no-cost offer with the ability to keep coverage at the end of the first policy year at a small fee.

Child Safe Kit

The Child Safe Kit is a convenient way to record comprehensive information about your child so authorities can help you find your child quickly. The Child Safe Kit also comes with an inking strip so you can fingerprint your child as an additional resource to help find them. A Globe Life Liberty National Division Representative will deliver the kit(s) and explain other insurance benefits you may qualify for.

MedFacts Kit

The MedFacts Kit is a helpful medical guide that could potentially save your life, or the life of a loved one when you are unable to communicate important medical information. The MedFacts Kit also provides you with the ability to detail the dosage and frequency of prescription medicines you are currently taking. This will help doctors better understand your daily medical regimen, which could directly affect your treatment plan.

Memorial Guide

In the Memorial Guide, you'll be able to list important information so your wishes will be clear to those left behind. When completed, this valuable guide will provide comfort for your family. They will know your funeral is conducted the way you would have liked. When your final wishes are known, it minimizes family disagreements and alleviates stress.

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By offering our Worksite Advantage benefits to employees, business owners can reduce overall payroll taxes and provide more coverage to the employees and their loved ones. Our licensed insurance agents can give you free consultation to review your employees’ insurance needs and find more ways for tax savings.

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