Life Insurance


Globe Life vs Aflac

Get a comparison of Globe Life vs Aflac. Explore their supplemental insurance products and financial ratings before protecting your loved ones.

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Life Insurance Trends for 2024

As we look into 2024, Life Insurance trends are changing by integrating AI, adopting customer centric approach and addressing the change in workforce.

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What You Need to Know About Collecting Death Benefits

A life insurance death benefit is an amount beneficiary will receive after the insured has passed away. Discover our guide to file a death benefit claim during challenging times.

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What is a Claim Provision and How Does it Work in Submitting Claims for Life Insurance?

A notice of claim provision allows beneficiaries to submit the death benefit claim efficiently. Learn more about how to file a claim, possible outcomes, and its limitations.

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How Group Benefits Help Employee Retention

Are you looking to boost employee retention through group benefits? Find out what type of benefits employers can offer to attract and retain employees.

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What are the Benefits Offered In a Cafeteria Plan?

Cafeteria Plans refer to the Revenue Act of 1978 that allowed pre-taxable benefits to be offered to employees. Since then, a variety of changes have been made to make more employer provided and voluntary benefits program pre-taxable. Learn more about the history, types and benefits of cafeteria plan benefits.   Read More »


Who Has the Most Life Insurance Policyholders in the US?

If you are researching life insurance companies, you probably have questions. Is the company rated well? Do they pay their claims? Who sells the most poilices?  Learn more about life insurance company rankings and find the best policy for you.  

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What Happens to a Life Insurance Claim When a Beneficiary is No Longer Alive?

Life insurance is for protecting people who are important to you. It’s for taking care of them after you are gone. But what if a beneficiary you have designated dies before you do? What happens to the payout you assigned them? Where does it go?  Read More »


Can a Life Insurance Policy be Taken Out on Someone Else?

Life insurance can be tricky. Policies have an owner, insured, and one or more beneficiaries. There are limitations on who these can be based on the relationships between these individuals and other factors. Learn more about the option of purchasing a life insurance policy on someone else.  Read More »


What are the Advantages of Offering Voluntary Benefits to a Group?

When you enter a new place of employment, before you even have your first cup of coffee, you’re faced with a large, heavy folder on your desk. In that folder is an array of voluntary benefits offered by your employer. With so much to figure out on your first day, the thought of combing through an intimidating benefits folder seems like too much to bear, especially when you may not understand all of the jargon inside. You need to make a decision about your benefits soon, but you don’t know where to start. After all, how do you even know if voluntary benefits are right for you?  Read More »

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