Globe Life Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! While some claims can be complex, it is always our goal to meet our policy obligations in a timely fashion when covered events occur. That’s the whole reason why our 12 million policyholders trust us in the first place.

A premium is the payment you make for your coverage. When you apply for a policy, your application will go through an underwriting process where our experts will determine the cost of your premiums, if approved.

To check the status of your claim, you can call our Customer Service department at (877) 577-3860.

Determining what coverage is right for you and your family can be challenging, but we’re here to help! Your family and the life you’ve built is unique, so the policy you choose should be specific to your needs. Consider factors such as:

Insurance is a long term plan, so if you’re looking for more information before making a decision, consider connecting with one of our licensed insurance agents. Our agents can help you figure out what policy you need, how much coverage to get, what the fine print means, and other important facets of the insurance purchase process.

  • What would your family need to continue their lifestyle? Common considerations would be your home, vehicles, a certain amount of income. Then think about the future - do your children want to go to college? Would you be able to afford final expenses (funeral, debts, etc.) with your current savings account and still have dollars to spare?
  • How long are you looking to be protected?

You have a few convenient options to pay your bill.

  • Pay By Bank Draft – You can arrange to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account.
  • Pay Online – Our eService Center makes it easy to pay online. Just log in to our eService Center to register your policy and make payments. Click here for more information.
  • Pay By Phone – Visit our Customer Service page to help set up a payment.
  • Pay By Mail – Mail your payment to:
    Globe Life
    PO Box 653032
    Dallas, TX 75265-3032

We offer several ways to become a Globe Life policyholder: You can purchase online, through the mail, through the phone, or you can connect with one of our licensed professional agents to help you through the process. You can browse Globe Life products and see the different ways to buy at Globe.Life.

You can visit our Customer Service page to call us or request one through our online eService Center.

First, your premium is not solely based on which product you choose and the features within that product. Just as your coverage is unique to your needs, the cost of a policy depends on several factors such as your age, gender, occupation (whether or not you are associated with a risky profession), policy term, any hereditary diseases in the family, just to name a few.

We are committed to processing claims in a timely manner. However, the claims process varies based on product and individual circumstances. Once the necessary claim information is received, and the claim is determined payable, most claims are paid within a few days.

The origins of Globe Life go back to 1900. Through the years, numerous name changes and acquisitions have led to what Globe Life is today – the largest volume issuer of life insurance policies in the U.S.

The cost of your policy depends on many factors and is unique to each policyholder. You can request rates and quotes by visiting Globe.Life or calling (800)-831-1200.

While the cost of a policy might be a focus for many, it’s important to know where the value of your purchase is coming from. Not only do you want to find the right coverage at the right price, but the company you choose can make or break your insurance experience. When browsing for coverage, keep these points in mind about the insurance company:

  • What is the company’s history and reputation?
  • What is the company’s financial strength ratings?
  • How easy is it to do business with the company?
  • How quickly does the company process and pay out claims?

Securing coverage for other family members is easy. You can get coverage for them by beginning a new application either online, through the mail, or with an agent.

The Globe Life companies protect more policyholders than any other life insurance company in the country* through our life and supplemental health insurance products. With our coverage, you can help protect your family’s financial future and face the unexpected from a position of strength.

*excluding reinsurance companies

Unpaid premiums may result in a “lapse of coverage” which means you could possibly lose the coverage altogether. Many Globe Life policies have a 31-day grace period, which will allow your coverage to remain in force. Please check your policy details for more info.

We understand things happen, so we’ll work to find the best solution for you. Depending on your account standing, you may have a few more options:

  • Depending on your policy type and how much you’ve already paid on it, your policy may be eligible to waive a portion of the past due premium.
  • Depending on your policy type and how much you’ve already paid on it, you may be able to use the cash value accrued to help pay for policy premiums.
  • Depending on your policy type and how much you’ve already paid on it, you may be able to reduce the face value of your policy to reduce the premiums.

Please note, each of the options above do have limitations and may not be available on every policy. If you need support on your policy, call (877) 577-3860 to learn more about your options to keep your coverage in place.

We’re a group of life and supplemental health insurance companies driven by our commitment to help Make Tomorrow Better for our communities, our agents, and our employees.