Cancer Insurance

Help protect your family from the cost of cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is the start of a very long and expensive journey for both the patient and the family. From the cost of treatment to the loss of income, the costs associated with cancer can often be too much for a family to even afford treatment.

With the help of cancer insurance, your family can focus on what matters most – getting healthy again. Our cancer insurance can help protect you in two different ways:

  1. Cash cancer lump-sum: one large benefit paid directly to you and you decide how it’s spent. (You can even take a vacation!)
  2. Cancer series insurance: receive the benefits as the costs arise.

Want more information on cancer insurance? Connect with an agent for more details about coverage.

This is a solicitation for insurance. An insurance agent/producer may contact you.

The policies described are cancer only insurance policies. These policies are NOT major medical insurance or Medicare Supplement insurance policies.

Policy benefits and availability vary by state. Policies contain waiting periods, exclusions, and limitations.

Policies are offered and underwritten by or through Globe Life Inc. subsidiaries: American Income Life Insurance Company, Liberty National Life Insurance Company, Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America, United American Insurance Company, and, in New York, National Income Life Insurance Company.

Policy form numbers: C10000, C20000, CNM, CNP, LCANLS-2, 5KM, 5KN, 5KO, C15POL – C19POL, CANLS, CANLS-2, and C21000. Policy form numbers may vary by state.