Accident Insurance

You can't predict an accident, but you can prepare for one.

When it comes to protecting yourself and loved ones from accidents, there are two solutions you could choose from.

Solution 1: Accident Insurance

Also called “Accidental Death and Dismemberment” benefits, accident insurance policies can help protect you both on and off the job. These products are designed to help offset some of the costs associated with hospital stays, emergency treatment, intensive care units, ambulance rides, and much more. Our accident insurance policies include an accidental death benefit that pays even more in the event of a fatal covered accident.

Solution 2: Accidental Death Insurance

Another form of protection against accidents is called accidental death insurance, which can pay only in the event of a fatal covered accident. Unlike accident insurance, accidental death insurance specifically covers certain risks such as travel, poisoning, falls, and other common unintentional deaths.

You can also learn more about adding an accidental death benefit to your life insurance policy.

Want more information on accident or accidental death insurance? Connect with an agent for more details about coverage.